Syed Asif Ali: The prosperous entrepreneur from South Waziristan

Syed Asif Ali is a young, dynamic and intellectual shining star in the field of digital marketing who hails from a small village of the war-torn district of South Waziristan. He opened his eyes in an impoverished family having very little access to the resources leading to a person’s prosperous life. However, despite the meager availability of financial resources and other necessities of life, it was Asif’s quest for achieving his goals, his intellectual capabilities and his perseverance that made him materialize his dreams and achieve his success – become a thriving digital marketer.

We went to his office and asked him to unveil everything about his journey — about his life, when did he develop the quest for digital marketing, how he took a start, what obstacles did he face, what made his journey successful, how much he is earning and many more questions.

When asked about his early experience, Asif Ali said, “I was very curious about internet and its use since my childhood. The military operations in South Waziristan compelled my family to shift to Dera Ismail Khan where it was relatively easier for me to have access to internet. I was very passionate about digital marketing and learnt it in a short period of time. I faced countless ups and downs throughout this journey but the famous saying that ‘dangerous roads always lead to beautiful destinations’ repeatedly motivated me and landed me where I am today.”

Few years have passed since Asif is working in the field of digital marketing and benefiting thousands of people through his online services throughout the world.

Let’s get into the major questions that he answered us during the interview.

Why did you choose digital marketing?

Syed Asif Ali: I was fascinated with the use of internet since my childhood. I would use Google and YouTube for different educational purposes. I wanted to learn something that could help me. Then one day I came to know about digital marketing and the quest to learn it properly developed inside me. I believed that I can master it because it was really an interesting area for me.

How did you take your first step?

Asif Ali: Well! Like many other things, taking a start in this field too was a bit challenging for me. But I was firm in my decision and completely bent on learning it. Google and especially YouTube served to be my best teachers in this regard because I learnt most of the things about digital marketing through these online services.

What hardships came your way?

Asif Ali: Since I belonged to a poor family, I had to work at different places to earn some money along with pursuing my education. However, despite all that, I would also spare some time to chase my dreams by learning digital marketing.

Your first job experience in this field?

Asif Ali; After gaining considerable mastery over the digital marketing, a day came that I got a small job as a salesman at Oppo Mobile Technologies. Though initially I was getting a small salary, yet I did not lose courage and remained perseverant and stuck to my goal to excel in this field. The prospect of working as a salesman never made me feel belittled and I continued to work even more diligently.

What made your promotion possible?

Asif Ali: My sincerity, steadfastness, credibility and intellectual sharpness in the field of digital marketing convinced the company to appoint me on the post of the manager. I implemented the Fixed Policy Price of the company in Kohat which not only persevered the profit of the businessmen but also made it double.

What are your notable achievements?

Asif Ali: After becoming a successful digital marketer, I felt the need to make a competent team as well. My aim was to provide jobs to the poor people of the society who held some skill in this field but just needed to polish their skills. Thus, I made a team and guided them to my utmost level. Professionalism of my team is my supreme priority.

My other major achievement is the company named “Point Media”. We all are surrounded by digital technology and almost all of us use internet and social media accounts. Point Media is the only reliable source that aims to solve every sort of technical fault with your social media accounts. A number of politicians and social media stars have made their way towards Point Media whenever they faced some issues with their social media accounts. It is because Point Media never compromises on the credibility and professionalism of its work. Not only this, keeping in view the increasing demand of web advertising, Point Media offers this service also, thus, advantaging a great sea of people far and wide. Similarly, this platform also plans to launch its label regarding the field of music too.

Can you tell us about your income?

Asif Ali: I cannot tell you the exact figure of my income, but I would love to unveil that I am earning in millions in the field of digital marketing.

Any message for the young generation?

Asif Ali: I invite everyone to get step into this field since it is a very creative and lucrative field. Everyone who thinks that they have some intellectual capability in the field of online technology must join the family of digital marketers because it is really a life-changing platform. You might not get prompt success when you start working in this field, but that doesn’t mean that you lose heart and stop your struggles. You will definitely succeed but that will take some time. All that matters to actualize your dreams is your intellectual tendency towards digital learning, your loyalty to the work and the perseverance with your learning.

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